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I have been enjoying my iPhone SE (special edition) since April. Iíve noticed things just WILL NOT load. I went to Verizon assuming they were throttling my unlimited internet or something. Nope. Nothing. Erase all my stuff and tried everything.

I love this phone too. Battery holds forever. I donít use a case and drop it - a lot. Works great! Also, it doesnít have impossible to hold sides, and/ or bend like the newer design. I liked my 5s so much I was excited to hear they had the SE. Same design, quicker processor.

Instagram wonít load. Podcast DL are slow. Itíd be a miracle to get a simple 5 minute YouPorn clip to work. The other day I had to cobble together a few porn GIfs. The Apple Corporation has me jacking like a caveman. PLUS Iím still paying the $1,000.00 off to pay for old phone.

I love my phone. The battery works greAt. Let the phone owner decide what BS I need. Has anyone ever been happy they did an Apple update? That should be a poll; if it hasnít already.
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