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Originally Posted by thirteen View Post
Being 30+ minutes late for no good reason is just disrespectful, it doesn't matter what the two of you are doing. You're getting something out of it too, it's not just the man. Of course, he should not have been too sassy about it because it's presumably the first time you were late to see him, and he really should not have called you over and over again afterwards. He should've just let it go and moved on. - from someone who used to be late all the time until my friends spoke up about it. They never cared until it got to be over 15 min.

She was responding to his shitty response. In your comment you said he shouldn’t respond that way. That’s all. She doesn’t want his body in hers because a response like takes away her horniness for him.

No one is calling him a piece of shit for wanting to be respected for his time. We’re calling his response a garbage one and we’re tossing it in the trash.

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