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It's 4am, I hate typing on my phone, but here we go.

I'm incredibly disappointed how flippantly men being assaulted because 'lol they're men they just fight back' was on this ep. Especially in the case of grindr and you guys living in a country where a significant part of your population don't believe gay people are human and deserve any rights and still are often dismissed by those who should protect them. It is very easy for a man to be taken advantage of when going into an intimate situation with someone else with drugs/alcohol /unexpected force from someone who wants to be malicious.

Recently i read through a reddit thread talking about scary things most people aren't aware of and one of the posts was about the number of gay guys being murdered in a couple of US cities and it barely being talked about with the allusion that it was that they didn't want to spook the serial killer taking about an investigation so it goes greatly underreported.

I almost made my first forum post on my 10th year account anniversary but chickened out because forums are scary af, so hey, how's it going?
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