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Originally Posted by porky2468 View Post
I absolutely love the word cunt. So many people still find it taboo and vulgar, I think it makes it feel dirty. But you can't use the same word all the time, so I also use pussy. Any other word doesn't really sound sexy enough to use when sexting.
Have you read the book "Cunt" by Inga Muscio? Holy hell that's a powerful one.

Crotch feels like crotchedy
Pussy feels dirty, but alright
Twat feels silly
Poon feels like pontoon
Puss feels... just... whut....
Flower hehehehehhhh no
Vajayjay... shanaynay
Gash... only something I imagine a horrible man would call it
Vagina... meh
Nani feels like grandma (nana or mommy)

there's really nothing good
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