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Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
Arresting US citizens, kicking over water bottles in the desert, housing children in fucking cages, and abusing people's 4th amendment are just some of the things they do. Fuck them. Fuck them. Fuck them.
SUPER fuck ICE!!!

There was a great turn out to the Anti-ICE rally, in my little mtn town, this last weekend. One protester brought up that ICE has requested 22 beds from our local jail to house people they detain. So thereís a local movement to put pressure on the sheriff, make it a state rights issue, and tell these feds to fuck off.

If you havenít already, check out recent NPR Fresh Air podcast ep The Ongoing Problem at the Border. A writer in El Paso describes a mother whose 9 year old is taken away. Itís heart breaking. It ainít right. It doesnít have to be this way.
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