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Originally Posted by digitalhobo View Post
Seriously tho - what do you think about the protests? I’m a UK citizen living in South Africa, I don’t have much of an axe to grind about Trump, just think he is an embarrassment to the US.

But it troubles me that so many of my countrymen are prepared to take a stand on this visit, while so many serious atrocities are taking place all over the world and we do very little (me included) to say IT’S UNACCEPTABLE

Just feel uncomfortable with it all.

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THIS kind of argument makes me ridiculously mad

Bitching out humans for protesting what you consider not the most urgent of problems because the world is so bad but then also bashfully admittting to not doing anything to help yourself?

Shame on you

I don't expect you to solve the worlds problems but pretty please just fucking stop criticizing others that try and make even a tiny impact.

Speaking up publicly is learned behavior - let everybody unite in a shared fun 'Trump is a silly orange idiot' protest. Maybe/Hopefully that means some of these people see that joining a protest is not so hard and they can go on to join another protests in the future that centers on a topic that is more worthy in your opinion.

Also I'm a little turned off by your 'Living in South Africa so I don't have to care about Europe because it doesn't impact me but I still want to point out I'm actually a UK citizen' vibe you are projecting here.
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