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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
Trump has been disrespecting Germany and Angela Merkel in particular plenty since he's been in office. She's a badass bitch - she can take it and we all know he's an idiot anyway.

We are focusing on our own idiots. Like our minister of the interior spiraling in a right wing narcicistic asshole tornado that should get him fired but somehow he's still in office.

And you know the really important things in German life: tragically failing out of the World Cup
Makes a change from England losing to Germany on penalties😂.

We’ve got our fair share of shitehawks (Nigel Farage et al) when you dig a bit deeper the money all seems to be dodgy from dubious sources. All have links to the Orange wotsit and his cronies, creating instability around the world.

We’ve had Bannon & Gorka on our TVs this last week stirring up crap around Brexit. Getting gullible idiots to believe in this Fake News BS that worked so well in the USA
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