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Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
Chemda. When you're at porn hub try using "light" before any bdsm thing. That should steer you away from the harsher stuff. Anything by is great because they have an interview of the actors on what their limits are. Plus there is a great doc on netflix about them. If you'e into more queer porn crashpad is an excellent site. You might follow Andre Shakti on twitter. She's an awesome person. Pure Mature for any hetero with more forplay. Don't know why they call it mature, they're like 30. Hope this helps. Happy fapping lol
Second! Try the Sex and Submission channel and The Upper Floor. Director James Mogul is amazing.

Also try Make Love Not Porn, Crashpads, or Pink Label Porn (look for Madison Young).

And I wonder if Chemda would like Chaterbate, you have to weed a little to find something you like, but I love the tipping and games aspect of it. It's fun to pay someone like $5.00 and to see them do something as a result.
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