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Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
No to 1 bird never mind 7!

I took my one year old into a pet shop a few weeks ago to look at the animals and it just hit me while I was standing there how horribly weird and cruel it would be to keep a bird as a pet. Like seriously how do you sit and watch it in a cage all day and not feel guilty! I can understand most pets but not a bird!
I never had a bird as a pet but if you treat it right honestly how much worse is that compared to a dog or a cat?
Holding either of these in an apartment all fucking day is not a natural behavior.

I mean who knows how he treats these birds if they only let them out once a week to fly but I know bird owners that have big enough cages and let their parakeets out regularly to fly and stretch their wings and actually parakeets in the wild exist in big flocks so having a few of them together is probably a good thing.

So either go crazy on condemning all pets and actually all farm animals as well or admit that we as humans do shit to the environment and as long as we try to make it the least harmful we can itís kinda ok.
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