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Originally Posted by LoopyLou79 View Post
That prison reality show sounds horrific.

We’ve got a tv program over here called “Naked Attraction”

My favourite reality tv show is called “Tattoo Fixers” and it’s a parade of younger middle aged people with regrettable tattoos getting them covered over with nicer tattoos. Some one had a naked women tattooed on his stomach, legs open with the tummy button as her vagina. Disgusting His GROWN UP children had convinced him to get it covered up.
Naked Attraction isn't quite as horrible as it sounds. It's pretty sex and body positive. Still a bizarre concept though.

Tattoo Fixers is the worst though. The tattoos they do are shit in themselves. Better than having your belly button as a vagina, but not good. You get a load of actually good tattoo places who offer free cover ups for anyone on who got a bad one done on Tattoo Fixers.
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