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When it was first announced you were doing this I thought, ‘How great would it be to drag this out for a full year. Then end it with a big reveal. You call up dad during Katguh Awards. Congratulate him! Not Catherine has been voted Best New Guest!

I’ve always felt like Keith’s dad was envious of Keith and his comedy. Maybe playing it off, live on show, it’d force him to take it all as like an ‘all inclusive ‘ joke. One that he was in on. Or whatever delusional ego reality he’d then accept.

But after this ep. not so sure. I think there’s only two reasons to keep emails going. One- you wanna gather info. Two- he’s a dick and you’re trying to be vindictive cuz he’s got it coming. Clearly, he’s so old/ crazy you’ll never get any real info. This just leaves being vindictive.

Get out, Keith. Shut it down. You’re not that guy. Yer fucking with Wishmaster bro.

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