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I loved this guest so much. And the glee Chemda experienced at his reaction to Keith’s childhood stories was just amazing. I hope to hear him again soon.

As for the sex talk, that is something my parents did a fairly decent job on. They had me when they were 19 and 20 in a small Catholic town. I was born 3 months before they got married; I am not in any of the pictures. They were always fairly honest. My mom told me it was one of the most wonderful things in the world if it was with the right person. And when I told her I was going to wait until I got married she said, don’t be so sure about that, or something along those lines. They weren’t hippies either. They were pretty strict with us. I would be grounded if I got below a B+ in a class. My dad even talked to us about sex. He would start off with “I know neither one of us is comfortable with this, but we need to talk about it...” they were both honest about how hard it was to raise me in the early days while stressing that they didn’t have any regrets in having me. They tried to make sure we had the information about birth control and condoms. My mom did talk a little about anatomy. They encouraged us to educate ourselves as well.

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