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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Best My Opening Line ever did.

This might be a dumb question Chemda and is probably at least verging on mansplaining or something but when you were talking about how it's such a to-do to deal with the business side of releasing an album (negotiating pricing and all that malarkey) that you feel like tearing up when you think about it, it seems much easier to get art to the masses now than it ever was when you were singing professionally before. Tons of legit bands and artists use Bandcamp for example, which allows musicians to do that Radiohead thing of asking fans to just pay what they feel it's worth. Spotify seems pretty easy to sign up for as a release platform too.

Thatís basically what I was talking about at the end. I want to slowly write songs and put them on an album and make it available.

This will take years

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