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I feel Keith a lot more on this one. I get why Chemda and Andrea were frustrated and angling to see him as being defensive but I felt like his Spooky shrugs were legit. This shit isn't new to him.

Keith had been processing his dad's uselessness (including in writing, which is pretty dang therapeutic) for at least a couple of decades before he even met Chemda, let alone started the show. The crime is far in the past for him. Chemda was still at war with herself regarding her parents until fairly recently.

Trauma is caused by shocking loss. The loss of trust that comes with betrayal is an example. Chemda felt betrayed by her parents and by her ex-husband because she had trusted them. Keith never felt betrayed by his dad because he had never trusted his dad. His dad's tricks failed from essentially the very beginning, so there was never* any trust in his dad to be lost.

(In addition to the massive difference in recency there's also the thing where Chemda's brothers didn't experience what she experienced, and continues to experience, while Keith shares the experience of his father with at least some of his siblings.)

* At least as far as Keith's memory stretches back - see Sparrow's thing about a crying baby who learned that crying is pointless.
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