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Why wasn't there any consideration for Keith to to just feel a degree of apathy or resignation about his father in the argument on this episode? From Keith's stories about his Dad over the years it always just felt like over Keith's childhood he ended up just seeing his Father as less than him. Keith has always come across as a pragmatic person as well, so why despair about his Father being a weirdo when he has a modicum of gratefulness growing up with what he did have compared to others less fortunate.

Chemda and Andrea are very locked into the mental models they've been exposed to in their own therapy sessions and seem to be unaware the psychology as a science is far more broad than those simplified models used by American therapists. The american therapy model is often criticized in Clinical Psychology outside of the US for being a system that perpetuates the need for therapy indefinitely, bleeding money more from the patient.

It was such a strange 'intervention' or 'helping' to listen to, Chemda and Andrea just sounded like they were projecting onto Keith the whole time. When Keith's reactions fell outside of they model that trivialized and dismissed what he was saying -.- This honestly felt very cult like to me, essentially saying 'You don't even know you're wrong, we have all the answers'.

- There's no room for any level apathy or resignation because that meant he was a sociopath? Wtf? This was a ridiculous thing to insinuate.
- 'There can't be anger without sadness as well' this is projection.

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