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I wanna talk about the weed.

Keithís feelings....heís got them under control. I want to talk about the weed. Lol

Andrea, if you read the forums I want you to know this. The sativa & indica can get lost when the weed is being made into an edible. Some people say it makes a difference most say it doesnít. Here is an article explaining it further. http://

Smoking or vaping it is one of the most sure ways to get the sativa or indica effects. If you arenít opposed to smoking Iíd say find a strain in the purple family and take 1 small hit before bed. That would be equivalent to about 5-10mgs of edible if itís average weed. I donít know how easy you can get weed in NYC or how the medical marijuana laws are there but if you can pick strains get purples.

Just to share a little extra about me and why Iím all into the weed knowledge recently. Itís been legalized for medical in Oklahoma. Which means itís pay to play all you have to do is say I have this issue and a doctor signs a form for you and you give the doc $75-125 and pay the state $105 for a 2 year card. Itís the only decent thing Oklahoma has at this point.

We have a 12 year old son that is severely autistic and non verbal. Weíve been through 3 different docs and at least 15 heavy duty meds. The side effects were terrible. He gained 70lbs in one year, beat me up several times, was a drooling zombie etc etc. When the aggression happened the docs told me to double the dose. Why so I can get my ass kicked again? No, thanks. Weíve been doing a combo of CBD/THC drops and itís been life changing. Heís happy, he is able to focus better and follow simple instructions and is trying new foods.

Anyway, I had to laugh at Andreaís dose because my 12 year old take about 10mg twice a day.

Ok well Iíve over shared but Iím home alone and high. Thanks if you read this.
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