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This was a good ep and a good poll

Originally Posted by rdelfin View Post

I don't know... was I perceiving a little bit of downplaying from K. when both A. & C. were earnestly trying to provide a safe space for him to at least acknowledge how much "I'm not sad / angry" he is not?
Partially. But a lot of it was also codepents telling another person to feel the emotion they thought he should be feeling versus whatever he thinks he's feeling - I'm saying that as a codependent.

"Isn't that sad? THAT'S sad! That's the most sad!" Keith has been pretty clear on what he hasn't felt through this. His Dad wasn't Andrea's dad or Hennesey or Chemda's dad. He was never a person Keith could rely on so his trust wasn't betrayed cuz he never trusted him to take care of him. Father Malley can just continue become a worse human by lying and hurting Keith but he was always some fucking jag off that grew up in the same house as Keith and happened to control the money and rules. He's not a parent.

Originally Posted by Abby View Post
Hey Keith, I think you need to look at a feelings wheel. It shows all the emotions and where they land on Angry/Sad/Happy
Let's take a look at that, why don't we:

Annoyed lives with Angry, and detestable (a synonym for contempt) lives with Disgust. No sad overlap here.

He sure as fuck isn't the perfect, he still thinks everyone's tricking him and the world is black and white but i think he's felt all he's gonna feel on his dad at this point. Maybe after the dick pick things will change

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