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Hoooooo boy there is a lot to unpack here. I HAVE A LOT TO SAY. Let's review, item by item.

1. "you know when you go to another dimension?" YES. Jesus christ, I literally traveled out of my body, above the ceiling, through a celestial terrace and was in outerspace, solving so many world problems. Everything was so clear to me. Until I came back to my body and couldn't remember the solution to world peace. Shit.

2. I need a good edibles hookup or to get it legalized in this shit state already. When you guys know exactly how much to dose yourself with, that would be so much better than the mystery vegan edibles that are sending me into the solar system.

3. Sleeping - My sleeping was all jacked up from pills, anxiety and bullshit, and then I had to get on more pills to go to sleep. I finally said enough is enough... stopped the pills that were giving me too much energy/anxiety, compensated with a heavy workout later in the day. And now I am sleeping normally again - working out hard to tire me out. Days I work out = good sleep. Lazy Days = poor sleep.

4. Keith is Fine - I think Keith addressed his feelings as they happened, he's processed the sadness, anger, denial and bargaining over his relationship with his dad long ago. This new email shit with him was fun/funny at first, and is being prolonged for ratings. I'm not gonna lie, I'm intrigued, but Keith stated weeks ago he was done.

5. Compartmentalization - Keith does that. I do that so often and well it is easy to spot one like myself. When it comes to fucked up family shit, you just gotta put that in a lil box and go "well that ain't right" and move on. You can process that feeling and then be done with it. Keith clearly processes his emotions differently than Andrea or Chemda expects, I don't think it makes him a sociopath. For someone with a podcast and a public voice, he's obviously more guarded and calculating about what he shares of himself. We got The Studio out of him from his divorce, but that he wasn't crying on mic doesn't make him less affected by the end of his marriage. And that's ok. I don't want people seeing all my emotions all the time, and if I had a podcast I'd have to be judicious on what and how I share about topics as well.

Basically, Keith, please just cry on mic for us all to know you're not a serial killer and that you have Real Human Emotions.
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