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It wasn't just you Apia, after loving the earlier part of the show it felt like I was mostly in the dark once Sue started talking about what she's been going though. I'm rooting for her so hard I listened to that part of the ep twice and still didn't really get a lot of it. And I was apparently the one listener who was able to follow the twists and turns of the famously elusive JC Best.

I think what Sue was saying was Les and CBS offered her an amazing, unprecedented deal but she worked out later that the only reason it was so amazing was they expected she would respond to that support by supporting Les in return. When she didn't and Les went down anyway the deal went up in a puff of smoke (nobody from CBS was calling her - lead to Keith suggesting CBS suddenly had more on their plate and no time to work on their development deals).

Keith said on the last LWoKATG that one of the things he hates is jargon and once Sue started laying out her story it seemed like at least 40% jargon to me, or at least a whole bunch of insider showbiz TV deal talk that's essentially impenetrable to us non-showbiz types. It was like watching episode 3 of a series when you've missed the first two episodes that explain the set-up ... what the heck a bunch of agents being fired has to do with anything, why it's a huge deal when your character's surname is changed when that's common practice even for massive stars (Tim Allen/Taylor, Bill Cosby/Huxtable, Roseanne Barr/Conner, Ray Romano/Barone, etc.), what was it that made this unprecedented deal unprecedented ... so many half-explained or unexplained things.

I kept thinking Keith was going to do his "Explain this to me Chemda" thing, but he never did, and I couldn't quite tell whether it was because he's also a showbiz dude and he gets all that insider jargon or because he got so lost it seemed hopeless.


I don't know, Sue's super quick-witted and a goddamn delight, but when she said she had to have a couple of people edit her op ed so it would make some kind of sense to regular folks ... that was the bit I got.

Edit: The WTF thing is pretty weird, because the 1,000th episode of that show was just Marc and his producer Brendan and they were very open about the fact Brendan edits every episode of the show, cutting some stuff out, moving some sections around, etc., so Brendan acting like they don't, and then eventually admitting they do, is shitty as hell. Thank the gods he eventually broke and sent her the real deal.

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