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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
After her first time, I never thought Sue would be on again. For those that don't remember, she attacked the show after leaving, claiming that she was ambushed or something like that. Frankly it was a little incomprehensible what her beef was.

She's the same person now, speaking in circles or half conversations. She frames the topics as if we all have followed the intricaies of her history but then is exasperated that we have misinterpreted her gobbledy-gook.

"No, no, it's very very complicated"

WHAT is, Sue? WHAT?!?!?!

I felt like every sentence was a half of a sentence based on information we didn’t actually know.

There was one point where Keith and Chemda were like “wait what? I don’t follow. Back up” and she repeated the same half of a sentence and maybe a tiny bit more info and it started to make sense but then I lost it again quickly.
Bravo to K & C for being patient. This was a difficult listen.

I did appreciate the part where she spoke about getting her ass grabbed and Mark Maron asked “but have you ever been assaulted?” This “yeah but have you been raped raped?” mindset has to change. Women shouldn’t have to be violated or assaulted in any way, period, end of story.

I have no doubt that people in Hollywood treat women shitty, that men in power treat women shitty, and that she was treated shitty by powerful people - but I wish she could better streamline this story if she wants to get that information out there. Or get an interpreter!
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