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Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
I hate to uphold the patriarchy but I didn't understand any of that story she told.
it was confusing. Here's what I got:
>A career filled with men trying to fuck her money up, infantisize her, control her but she persists.

>Books a gig to work a summer in (some other country. China?) but the guy who booked her is being a controlling asshole and treating her like a dumb kid. She speaks up for herself and asks him to let to take care of things, like her passport and travel, before he assumes she's too dumb to do it. He gets mad and cancels the tour.

>She goes to Les Moonves, who she's worked with before and kinda knows he's a creep but the story about him hadn't broke yet. She went for guidance or some kind of break, he keeps asking if she's broke and needs money. Eventually they make a deal for a TV show on CBS.

>At some point she records a show with marc maron where she describes all the men in hollywood being shitty to her and women in general and also talks about the deal above with Les.

>The article about Les drops and the world sees he's a massive shithead and sexual predator.
>>>>Marc Maron releases the interview with Sue. She's saying he edited out all the talking she did about hollywood's patriacrcy problem and only left in the part where she says she worked with Les. Making it seemed like she is defending him of all the things he is now being accused of or at least defending his character.

>>CBS holds her show deal in limbo. She can't take it anywhere else cuz they hold the rights and aren't making it.She thinks the point is if she speaks out against Les during this time CBS will release details about the show, saying something like "OH YOU'RE JUST TALKING SHIT CUZ WE WON'T MAKE THIS HORRIBLE SHOW THAT NO ONE WANTS" or "HOW CAN YOU HATE HIM IF YOU'RE MAKING THIS SHOW WITH HIM!!"

>>>>she feels betrayed by Marc and fucked over by CBS/Les
finally when all that blew over she is speaking up all over the internet about this and since a woman is leading CBS i think Sue has or is making a deal with them to get a new show out. She's not afraid of talking shit online because they already stalled out her career multiple times and she's still fucking here bitch!
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