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I'm so happy that Hustlers came up again. I didn't want to reply in the old episode post again.

This isn't a movie about *Keith malley voice* some sad men who are tricked by EVIL WOMEN and were drugged and so let's analyze the interesting story about how some men were horny and lustful lustful and are so sympathetic because its bad to trick men.

It's a story about two women who supported each other while working a shitty job where they're objectified and dehumanized for 6 days a week. They grow closer and their relationship becomes increasingly enmeshed as they become surrogate daughter/mother to each other. They gain a ton of success and become used to a rich lifestyle but lose it all in the stock market fuck up. The powerlessness and shame they feel lead them to direct their anger at easy targets, the rich powerful men who still come into the strip club and throw money away.
The girls (JLo's mostly, if we believe Constance's story) goes deeper and deer as she becomes addicted to the power and wealth and loses herself to the point fo endangering the business and the ladies she's supposed to be supporting.

How dare a movie give us protagonists who are THIEVES and expect us to care about or understand them! Wanna earn a living and take of your grandmother and daughter? Fuck off! Go work at Pizza hut! We can only empathize with good morals! They should've looked at some REAL MOVIES like the Godfather which is about *checks notes* a family of emotionally-repressed gangsters who murder people and betray each other for honor or to gain more power and money in the family. Now THAT is art.
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