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Fuck feeling dumb for believing in your ex for as long as you did Chemda, quit victim-blaming yourself Girl, you're a G-d dang champion and one of the best things our ears have ever had in them in our whole lives, and I won't have you beating yourself up about it! Yeah, it sucks real, real, real bad you had to go through what you had to go through to get to where you are now, but the way you've dealt with it has been nothing short of heroic and your example will stand as a beacon for many in your audience who find themselves in a similar situation.

And thank the gods for your buddy on the other mic there, one of the most hilarious humans who ever lived. Word on the street is laughter is the best medicine (in reality it's second best after your healing hands, obviously, and definitely better than anything Big Pharma has on offer (right Apia?)) which makes you guys two of the best drug dealers the world has ever known and maybe the only ones who can get high on their own supply without it fucking them down the road.

Hope some of this made sense. TL;DR You're the best Chemda, keep being awesome.
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