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When I checked the calendar a few days back I saw "Hannah B" slotted in one of the spots so of course I was all, "Heck yes, about time we had Boone back on the show."

So, of course, when I got this ep and the "B" didn't stand for "Boone" I got a real good pout going.

But then as I listened I realized I had been a witless buffoon as it became clear that Berner ain't no slouch either.

Then, of course, I had what I initially felt was the genius idea to suggest you two have both Hannahs on the same (5 hour+) episode one day soon.

But then I had second thoughts because that might just be too much Hannah B concentrated in one place and we wouldn't want any quantum singularities or wormholes or that freaky blue glow that filled the sky of NYC that one time to break out right there in the studio.

But then I thought, fuck that studio, word on the street is the landlord's a cunt anyway, would it be so bad if the place got leveled by super-concentrated Hannah B super-hilarity?

So I can't decide.

Two Hannah B's or not two Hannah B's?
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