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Wow... I normally listen to the episodes on 1.8x the speed.. But once it was over I rewinded back to start of the dad recap (great job chemda by the way) and i set it back to normal speed cause I needed to hear every word pronounced clearly.. Goddam. I don't know how to react. He flipped it on her/you. When it comes out, that you've been fucking with him, Keith, he won't even acknowledge it. I get that you want him to sweat. But I don't think he does, or can.

I'm thinking that once you get to that endgame moment of "this is what's been going on" you tell him straight up that he's sick in the head. I don't know if it'll register, but it might. Or.. Idk, I'm just, wow.

Side note: whatever happened to WDWDN?
Side note #2: I heard Ray Devito on Beige Philips this week, any chance he'll be on the show anytime soon? Or is he in that same limbo myka fox was in?
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