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Keith, you curse SO MUCH you could clearly never be a father!

Is this the line? Is this the benchmark he sets for ideal fatherhood? Is this why he thinks he's so great, all because he doesn't swear? Keith's most serious relationships have all been with women who "haven't considered children" and now his serious partnership is with a woman who has children. Why is this so foreign to him? Need we remind him that Joseph raised Mary's lil bastard? Oh excuse me I mean THE SON OF GOD. Why is being in a stepfatherly role so queer to him?

He is a fucking psychopath. Nothing about what he's done in the past or continues to do now is anywhere close to what a normal person would do, ever. It's not even close to what a crazy person would do. He is completely fucked up and just keeps writing his own story.

Kyle's in it for the free babysitting.... yafuckinkiddinme? Did he not consider maybe YOU are in it for the free personal training?
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