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Originally Posted by lizsquiz View Post

I look forward to your apology, however I doubt it will be forthcoming.
Lizsquiz nailed it. It’s concise and it hits.

You could take it a step further though. It sounds like FM’s narcissism centers around how Christ-like and holy he sees himself. That illusion needs to be shattered.

I’m guessing there’s an actual priest in FM’s town that he looks up to. Maybe one that he worked with or better yet - was mentored by. You send him everything Lizquiz wrote, but end it with, “I look forward to your apology, however in the meantime I will be talking with [insert FM’s Priest name] in hopes that you see him and confess your sin. Maybe then you’ll realize the hurt you’ve caused. Or at the very least - Get right with the Lord.”

“I’ll pray for you.”

It’s over the top and a bit psycho but what the hell. We’re talking about a guy who’s hitting on your ex, insulting your profession, threatening your co-host with litigation, manipulating your poor mom, all while thinking everyone else is a degenerate. A sinner.

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