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When I was 20, I had a guy ďfriendĒ that decided to bully, manipulate, and ultimately downright beg until I agreed to try to date him. He begged to just make it for one week and that Iíd see itíll work. I wasnít attracted to him but I was naive and he made me feel so uncomfortable, he oddly got in my head and made me feel like I owed it to him to give him a chance. He begged for just one week. We fucked once in that week. I felt zero chemistry and I felt so wrong that I just laid there like a starfish. I basically checked out mentally. I broke it off at the end of that shitty dumb week he begged for. Iím normally really active in sex, and Iíve never ever laid there like that with anyone else. One of my more cringy relationship missteps for sure.
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