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Originally Posted by DeathInGrasp View Post
When I was 20, I had a guy “friend” that decided to bully, manipulate, and ultimately downright beg until I agreed to try to date him. He begged to just make it for one week and that I’d see it’ll work. I wasn’t attracted to him but I was naive and he made me feel so uncomfortable.
I had something similar happen. When I was about 19 a guy I was "dating" said he didn't want to date anymore, but still wanted to hang out. Me being an idiot thought that would be a good idea. We were hanging out at his place and he wanted to have sex. I said no because he broke up with me days before! He ended up begging me for ages and I don't know why I didn't just leave. In the end I said yes just to shut him up. I don't know if I star fished but afterwards I felt so gross and violated (even though I technically said yes) that I never spoke to him again.

I'm older and wiser now, and am more than happy saying exactly what I want. If i don't get it, that's it. Guys will often make an excuse about why it wasn't great, but why should I give you another chance when it's going to be just as mediocre as it was before. No thanks.
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