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Please let there be no doubt about the impact you've had on your listeners' way of looking at family and how they relate.

In my family no one gets along with their siblings (thank you mom for making me an only child!). A few years ago my aunt (mom's sister, my neighbor at the time) was being her usually cunty self and I just yelled at her, I screamed, I cursed her out. Everything I felt my mom could never say to her, I did.

I felt guilty for a while but I was already a listener and you were already processing your own feelings, and it helped me a lot to understand that because you share blood ties you may not share world views, friendship, or even interest.

I cannot care any less about what my aunt thinks or does, and if she dies tomorrow I'll go ok, dead, bye.

It's not as dramatic as with a parent, of course, but you have had an integral role in making me not feel alone or weird, and also on getting specific words to explain this to my mom, and making her too process her sadness and feel better. So thank you.

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