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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Keithís father might have been the best available choice for his mother.
He is not a drunk or physically abusive. I know itís a very low bar, but for women in small towns who were not allowed to leave the house alone to go out or to really work and meet people this was something.
I think about this a lot, Apia. Whenever it's said that Keith's mom could have left, I can think of all the women in my town that don't know any better/ can't leave because they have kids/ have nowhere to go/ don't make enough money to leave/ are pressured by their parents to stay married/ are pressured by society to be a good wife...

Not knowing the entire story, what we do know is that Keith's mom was a young woman in a small town, in the 70's, with 5 kids and a nutjob of a husband. It's the story of so many women, and I feel we could be blaming the victim.
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