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I donít think you have a daughter after reading all that

Originally Posted by dEadERest View Post
0oo, another opportunity to vote and post before listening.

When my very dynamic and mui latina daughter was menstruating, shit started going down in a big way. She was by far the most powerful personality in the house and she was ready to go toe to toe with me on every subject. She would scream her mother into submission and i was left staring into the abyss.

Being a calm and reasonable adult carbon based life form, i looked at my options and tracking her cycle was a tool in my arsenal. She was less than enthusiastic when i addressed issues of nutrition and water consumption, especially as it related to her performance as a rather elite athlete. It was an incredibly stressful time that took an inordinate toll on me and that was not recognized until years later. But patience is a defining quality that has served me well.

The proof is in our close and productive bond and her success and happiness. i thought about posting pics but after all the negative fabricated tings that keet has said about me, which i thoroughly enjoy, i'll leave that out, i think somewhere i posted her Instagram



and Keith and the Girl
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