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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
You say why wouldn’t he organically know, but does it ever surprise you?

I fully expect him to roll with the punches. After all, so am I.

I also agree with Wendi, in that it can be controlled, but maybe to varying degrees though, because it seems there’s a spectrum of PMS. Im not sure if I’m on the lower end of the spectrum, or if it’s bc I grew up in a controlled environment in a family where we were expected to keep our emotions in check, or maybe I’m not self aware, but I don’t think I’m outwardly cunt-y.

I’ll tell you what, my personal bitchiest, I’m talking 5 star, delicious mood swings, was while I was on birth control. It was like a tempest had swallowed me. I felt like God must’ve in those religious stories.

I got off it, and just as soon, my bf saw the other side off boot camp Rune with a Purple Heart. Bloated, on-a-period Rune must be cake, I’m assuming, and can’t hold a candle to when I was Almighty Rune.
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