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There used to be a guy in my friend group who would consistently date younger women like this, and the reasoning is simple:

Young women don't know any better and don't see how he is a disappointment. He has the same credentials as someone their own age so it doesn't seem off yet. No real success, no solid ambition, mediocre at sex. The bar is set low if he's not trying to date someone his own age who would have some sort of adult milestone expectations of him. A 20-year-old is ok with the notion he doesn't have any ambition or goals. "Starting a family" isn't really a goal, to be honest.

All of this was so fucking cringey. He thinks he's SO ABOVE things and people, like hipsters, dungeons and dragons, etc. His own loser-ness was projected by him onto him. It was his own complex he kept building up.

It's really no surprise he was a 37 year old virgin with statements like "My mommy wouldn't let me go to the gym" LOL WHAT? YOUR MOM WON'T LET YOU? Boy... bye. "I never learned to tie a tie because my mommy said I had poor hand eye coordination".... ok, sounds more like you never had a reason to tie a tie, but ok. He's like Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy, except not endearing.
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