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Lol @ the poll. Kind of a fucked up poll, but a hard no. I maintain I’d still take the 1mil for a bucket of shit dumped on me, yet this poll is somehow offensive.

I really feel this guy was thoroughly fucked by a combination of overbearing parents (so many “wouldn’t let mes” in one show) and a overly passive personality. Its like the chicken or the egg, bc it’s hard to say which came first, or which had more of an impact on him, or if one amplified the other to an extreme that screwed him beyond repair.

Dude couldn’t even go to a gym, or tie a tie (or have sex for that matter, at all expense) until both his folks dropped dead. He needs to be researched. Maybe we’ll have some ideas on what’s going on with the aforementioned incels, which is basically what he is, since he hasn’t had a sexual relationship with a woman, whatever age, post Bunny Ranch.

He’s really a lot like them, minus the female hate, which should also be extensively studied, ie, how did he manage to have all the hallmarks of incels, including feeling like he deserves women way out of his league w/o any effort?

He has their same sense of sheer entitlement for women who wouldn’t conceivably go for them, and yet like them, he has no sense of self-confidence or the wherewithal to actually make himself seem like a possibility for her, even when the competition was a fat drunk and all she inspired was being the butt of a joke with “hope” in her face when he imaginarily cummed on her. He doesn’t even have the benefit of coming across as a ”nice guy” you can kind of root for, even though I still want him to actually find some answer.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a fascinating guest. I’m grossly intrigued, especially as his chosen age demographic, though definitely at least part nerd.

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