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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Iím about his age and I canít imagine dating 19 year old guys. What would we talk about?
How would I take any opinion seriously?

And donít start with the Ďgirls are more matureí bullshit.
Iíve been a 19 year old girl and I was a stupid, pretty person with potential but with little life experience or skills.

Ď She is an old soulí said every creepy man ever dating a girl 20, 30 or 40 years his junior.

I'm 28 I wouldn't date a 19 year old man or woman.

I hate to knock younger women but they like him despite his not having a back up plan or day job not because "they get it". It's because they're not worried about the future and having a stable income or household or a stable partner. They're 19.

A 38+ woman is probably thinking about those things. It's not that they think you won't make it it's that you haven't yet and they can't depend on that. you choose a long term partner who can support you emotionally and financially when times get tough.

I'm only 28 but I'm at a point in my own life where there's no way I'd have a long term relationship with a bar tender who works late nights and is never available on weekends for us to spend time together. And yeah that's because I'm desk job girl with a 9 - 5.
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