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I agree with Apia

I agree with Apia.

I’m super impressed at how Chemda and Keith handled this guest. My favorite quote from this episode is Keith asking Gootz if, “during that tense little thing, did you and Chemda hook up?” I am still laughing as I type this.

All that said, Gootz is a fun guest for the show because he is problematic and he doesn’t realize how offensive he is, which is why people poke fun at him. Then he is offended bc he doesn’t understand why Chemda would have a “narrative in your head about me” which is hilarious because everyone else is eyes wide open. Also, I love Wendy and get that she was just having some fun with Gootz bc he left himself open for it. Wendy summarized it all in the end and in the most hilarious way. BRAVO, Wendy!!!
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