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As someone mentioned earlier, the biggest thing about Gootz to me is just how stunted he is. Everything about him is juvenile. I don't just mean his interests or how he somehow keeps becoming friends with only young women, and I don't even mean it in a judgemental way (I mean, I obviously am judging him but you know what I mean). He never grew up, and he's flailing through it now.

He never stopped living with his parents, even in his 30s somehow they were able to "forbid" him from doing things, he threatens to beat up people over the internet, it doesn't seem like he's ever had anything close to an adult relationship (romantic and honestly I'm guessing platonic too), and of course he knows next to nothing about sex. The "hooking up" language stopped annoying me pretty quickly when I realized that's exactly how an awkward teenager would talk. When I was that age, that WAS what hooking up was. I'm not saying it isn't ridiculous that he talks like that as an adult, but it does kinda make sense to me, in a Gootz-y kinda way. I know he's got a red racing car as a bed. I know it!

All that to say none of his language or behaviour is excused. He's a misogynist creep that needs to grow the fuck up. And yes I would absolutely listen again if he was on. I just need notice so I can catch it live this time.
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