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Originally Posted by Deehydrated View Post
I'm a 36 year old woman, fyi, and have to say - What a gross episode.
Ray nailed it - at times, Chemda does make a snap judgement and then lose all sense of objectivity and irony whilst she attempts to nail someone to the narrative she has decided upon for them. Patrick Schroder is a great example of another guest that she does this with. It makes for unbearable listening.
I don't know much about Ray, I have only heard both his eps on KATG but I have listened to over 150 hours of Pat on podcasts and the way Chemda treats him really limits the potential of the ep.
Keith, Chemda and Wendy were ridiculing and mocking Ray for a good hour before he spoke up and it was still a pretty modest and fair reaction given the treatment he had endured.
As Chemda says herself - if its hysterical, its historical. So maybe she needs to do some reflecting and processing of why she takes such great offence to the fact that he hangs out with younger women.
Perhaps he does this because developmentally hes pretty young himself and would have way more in common with them then a woman his age.
There are guests with far more egregious traits that she happily overlooks or laughs WITH them about (not at them, like Ray endured).
Chemda's ignorance and bias makes for truly difficult listening at times.
Found Gootz's forum account!
Anyway though...what?? Are you confusing Pats or something? I don't remember ever getting that sense when he was on. I wouldn't even put him in the top 10 of guests that get a tough treatment. Shit, I'd say she's tougher on Will...
I mean hell, this was the first year Pat had been on and he's in the running for best guest. He opened the marathon. You think he'd do that if Chemda was treating him shitty?

Could you actually give examples of what you're talking about? Honest request, I'm not being facetious.
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