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Originally Posted by AvengedVampyre View Post
I doubt I'm the first to say this but, Ray reminds me of Keith's dad. The way he lies about the simplest thing until pushed. For example titty fucking is blowing a raspberry or how hooking up is actually kissing.
Nah nnonononnoo
Ray is Billy Proceda on crack. Without the ability to laugh at himself and let others laugh at him. "My girlfriend was mad because I ate some girl out on a radio show but we were open so wtf" = "I was hanging around her for 2 years and we kinda hooked up once..when she was drunk and kissed but I never told her I liked her"
"we hooked up" = "We got into some finDom play but she never paid me"

They just make shit up and in live in this world that makes perfect sense in their head.

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