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Originally Posted by Apia View Post
Gootz, get a huge portion of self awareness. Itís fine.
You can develop. Nothing you did or said is so bad, only somehow ridiculous.

And as far I can say as a comedy consumer, self awareness is what makes you a great comedian.

For example, Maria Bamfords new special is called Ď weakness is the brandí.
She is in my opinion one of the greatest comedians who ever lived and she is very open about her problems and seemingly embarrassing stories from the past, because she owns it.

Do this.
Exactly. Gootz tells these stories that are sometimes ridiculous, creepy or both and seems genuinely surprised when Keith or Chemda calls him on this. The mental gymnastics he goes through to justify living with his parents into his 30s and being into women 15 years younger than him is a sight to behold.
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