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Originally Posted by BSharp View Post
This ep left me speechless. Ironic that it finally got me to post something in the forums. I was an awkward kid that didn't know how to talk to girls and now I'm an awkward adult who doesn't know how to talk to women (I do it anyway..). Maybe that's why I disliked this guy so much on his first appearance. After listening to this I have a bit more compassion for the Gootz, but... oof.

This is extra weird because I'm a KATG virgin of sorts, having had so much I would have liked to add to so many varied discussions over the years but never speaking up, mostly out of laziness. I'm all backed up!

Ggllghuhhhhh! (Insert cum face)

Thank God that didn't cost me five grand.
I've listened to the show regularly since 2007 but haven't been on the forums in about ten years. It took this episode to bring me back here. Hello forums!
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