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Posts: 316's so weird... I had a reality about punk'n this morning

I woke up to punk'n's declaration of her beautiful box, but few details and no video re-enactments.

aNd I tried soOoOoOo hard to be team Gootz, but that social justice warrior apparently doesn't understand the concept of a social contract. Here's my protocol for eating food from a restaurant:

1) Food costs $X.

2) Eating that food while a server assists you from the time of your seating until departure costs Y% of $X, less any valid and reasonable problems with the server.

3) Can I afford $X + Y%? If yes, go to step 4. If no, go to step 5.

4) Pay $X + Y%, but NEVER punish a server by tipping low because of mistakes by the kitchen or bar if the order was correct. Bar and kitchen mistakes should be taken off of your bill or discounted, but ALWAYS tip on the full amount served.

5) Leave your testicles at home and ovary up. Call or Walk-In, order your meal TO GO, and don't utilize a server's efforts if you cannot afford their time. WARNING: Some restaurants may not serve take out. That's your loss, don't pass it on to any of the restaurant staff.


Maybe remember to check your to go order before you leave. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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