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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
Additionally, as you get older and are getting closer to menopause, your egg quality decreases, but you're also more likely to ovulate more eggs at once, like your body is throwing out all the eggs it possibly can, a going-out-of-business sale. So if you do happen to get pregnant at an older age, there's a possibility for more complications for the mom, a higher chance of that child having special needs, and who knows - maybe you end up with a multiple-birth. Not a risk I'd want to take in my 40's if I'm wishy-washy about having kids in the first place. That's not the risk to take with a "take it or leave it" attitude about an accidental pregnancy.
Definitely something that we discussed and considered. We also paid to have more extensive testing done very, very early in the pregnancy. I was honestly not worried at all about my health. To be very open, had there been major problems or issues with the embryos, we would have had to discuss moving forward with the pregnancy or terminating. For a large variety of reasons that is a totally different debate, but bottom line: what would the impact be for the child and our other children lives/family. Very personal decision/discussion, and very thankfully we did not have to have one. I know I am lucky on many fronts: including easy to obtain older age pregnancies, no complications during the pregnancies and births, and (knock on wood) so far healthy kids. It is not always the case, and should be part of the discussion when deciding to have a baby. What would we do "if"???
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