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Ok i dont have any certainty, causxe at this moment Italy is waiting for the lockdownzs to actually start taking effect and since it isnt a quick measure , the curve needs time to be flattened, all i can say is what it has been doing so far.

A number of area, the earliest to be hit and to be locked down , have shown a strong slow down of the spreading of the virus. Some have went o days with no new casezs at all. So overall, it has an effect. We are far from the peak but it seems to be working.

The effects on the economy will be tough, even for a country like ours which is far smaller than the US, mostly cause it means lots of time with no work but it is probably the one way to avoid much worse effects on the sanitary system.

In the end it wont be easy, but saving the menmtal state and the individual health of each person is up to friends, loved ones and communities. Try to only chec k reliable and official sources of info, i learned at my own expense how toxic the internet can bew in this time, and keep posting and skyping and reaching out. I have a horrible day out of two usually having a fiance in the us and a father in his 70's here, but we try to keep each other smiling and grounded and do one day at a time.

It sucks but it can be survived. Try to hold on to that, its working for nme and we are in the 30 thousands right now.

Love all of you
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