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Ok so here is what we were told by our actual doctors. It might not delete the fear completely but i hope it helps leveling the head.

- the chances that the virus actually kills people with no pre existing condition are small. that doesnt mean it is not dangerous, it is. but young people, kids and healthier average joes can get out of it by self isolating

- the wash your hands precaution is effective. 20 second plus iof thorough washign when youve been outside, not touching your face are actually useful things

- a lot of people cant do home working and it sucks. In italy a ton of people had to basically kleep going to work or just take time off and hope your boss isnt a dick but in that case using said precautions, keeping distances and using a mask if you can find it , also decreases the possibility

like i said, its a sticky virus, but its not an ebndgame and it can be avoided. i know it aint much but it helped me
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