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I work in mental health and I've been home sick for a few days with a sore throat/fatigue, which depending on where you look can be some of the early symptoms of the virus. Not too worried about my own health (young enough that in all likelihood it won't do much to me, although who fucking knows) but I'm worried about when I can go back to work. I see geriatric patients daily, and I haven't read anywhere how long it takes after you get the virus to get to a point where you can't spread it.

Hopefully our government cuts us a check mighty quick because many people aren't going to be able to pay the bills come April 1st.

My mental state goes between a low level of panic and disbelief that any of this is real. I have a good support network between roommate who's a good friend and a girlfriend who lives 5 minutes away, so I haven't been feeling the negative effects of social isolation too badly. Spending my day playing tons of guitar and watching movies. All in all, I'm extremely lucky and am definitely taking more time out of my day to practice gratitude. Quarantined with kids does not sound as fun, stay strong everybody.
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