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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
For anyone who's experiencing elevated anxiety one of the best responses is to get some exercise in.

Not only from the classic "exercise is as good for your mental health as it is for your physical health" angle, but anything you can to to make your cardiovascular system stronger (while also maintaining social distancing of course) will help you fight this cardiovascular system virus if you do catch it, so it makes pragmatic sense from all angles.

The more fit you are the more efficient your internal energy management system is so the stronger your immune system is too. If you can't get outdoors for a walk/run because you're in isolation or on lockdown there are literally babillions of home cardio vids on YouTube.

Obviously also make sure you don't over-do it, because running your energy levels low for any extended period will of course ding your immune system, so make sure you factor in some recovery rest time and take in enough calories too.
This i agree with, TONS . You da man Buches.

Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
And it's win-win-win-win, because also the fitter you are the better you fuck, so even if you don't catch the covid you're still going to be a better sex machine, and we all want that for you too.
And this i agree with even more. STAMINA. You The Alpha Man, Buches.
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