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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
Here in Germany the measures start to work.

The amount of infected people used to double in 3 days, yesterday it was 8,2 days.
That doesnít mean of course that itís great but the curve flattened.

Thatís good news considered the alternative.

We had plans to go to the Netherlands for 4 days tomorrow, but of course we go nowhere.
Instead there are some home renovation projects we will do.
I am still at the Homeoffice. I am glad to still have my job.

Scroll down, the curves are in the middle of the site.
This is really reassuring news. Not to be pessimistic but I doubt the US is going to follow suit in flattening the curve anytime soon because people won't listen because #merica and #freedom and all.

I was in such a depressive state yesterday. Once again I made the mistake of watching the news. I'm not consuming news all day long, but I check the 5 o'clock news once a day. The thing that broke me was the news of the youngest corona fatality in the US. It just broke me. Thinking of those parents, how six weeks ago, life was still normal, and now everything is broken for them.

I missed the zoom party last night but hopefully can join in the next one.

Oh and I baked another loaf of bread. This time, challah. Next bread: focaccia. BREADS OF THE WORLD!
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