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Slightly more comforting news, i guess.

Yesterday, our VP went department to department, sending everyone home. Our production schedule slowed to a halt so they thought it best to send even essential personnel home for a minimum of two weeks, all salaries paid.

Everybody except for maintenance (my department) and a few scientists currently working on potential treatments for COVID-19.

I'm still very, very nervous. But I suppose that has subsided slightly being that there's practically no one here. However, our campus is located in the medical complex where they are screening for the virus, and the main hospital treating our states' cases is also right next door.

Other than that, life is relatively normal. Not leaving the house unless I absolutely have to. Keeping the wifey and kiddo at home. We're going a bit stir crazy, but we're keeping busy. Even discussed starting a podcast last night. Wife is eager for this to be over so she can see her friends before baby comes. I'm completely socially goddamn inept so I don't necessarily have that issue.

Except for you assholes. I like you guys a lot.
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